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  • Drawings and Paintings, which haven't been approved by the clients (max. 0,1%!) as well as pictures, which I made for myself, are offered for sale in the Shop for finished portraits  (see also under Remarks, item 2). The link leeds to the Online-Framing-Studio from where you can order the artworks online with me. The offered funktion to frame the portrait and add a passepartout is only a gimmick to show which influence a proper framing may have on the portrait. Ordering a frame is not possible via this function.
  • Information on the  Calendar of the current year with 13 selected motifs you can find in the Calendar-Shop (only German).

  • 6 different Postcards can be ordered in the Shop for Postcards . Furthermore all artwork shown in the shop or the gallery can be deliverd as postcards. A total of 35 motifs can be sent also as digital postcard , as well as you can order some motifs also online as a real Postcard to be send by mail.
  • Brandnew: GLASSPICTURES ! 

  • Let your own Brilliant Animal Portrait or a motif out of my gallery or the shop be eternalised with a laser in glass in the Glasspicture-Shop (only German) and buy a miniature portrait as an eye-catcher.

  1. The prices for finished pictures as well as for indivually made portraits are explicitly WITHOUT COPYRIGHT, just for private use. I would be pleased to answer your commercial inquiries for prices including the copyright by email. 

  3. In the shop for finished portraits you may find also real cheap pictures, which in the meantime are a little older and in some way no longer meet my own demand for high quality - but maybe nevertheless find an enthusiast. I promise that I will re-work this older pictures before the final delivery and restore them so that they will then also satisfy my demand for quality. 

  4. Furthermore I also draw and paint not only animals but there are some human portraits (e.g. Michael Jackson with ape Bubbles) and landscape pictures of me.
I'm looking forward to your visit to one of the SHOPS!

For all offered portraits the copyright belongs to Janette Herlinger!

Wuppertal, 16.11.2005