One possibility to buy a little brilliant animal portrait are the new Art Postcards.

The six motives shown here can be purchased exclusively with me and can also be send electronical - as well as further 40 animal portrait motives and 12 USA photos including 4 animal photos:

Furthermore all portraits shown in the Gallery and in the Shop can be purchased as real postcards (minimum purchase quantity 10 pc.)
My customers can order postcards of their personal portraits.

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The here shown art postcards can be purchased with me. 
They are printed on high quality postcard cardboard, standard back cover with short black legend.

Every customer gets a set of these art postcards for free as a customer gift.

1. Frisian Stallion Marc

The copyright for this portrait of the year 1996 lies by company KRÄMER PFERDESPORT. 

A few products were available with this black & white portrait, a t-shirt, a watch and for a while even sheets have been offered with this motiv (production was cancelled meanwhile). 

With kind admittance of KRÄMER PFERDESPORT I can offer this Art Postcard. 

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2. Oldenburg Stallion Donnerhall with rider Karin Rehbein

The copyright for this expressive portrait of the shortly passed away famous stallion of the year 2000 lies by company KRÄMER PFERDESPORT as of August, 2002. 

There will be products available with this portrait in the near future. 

With kind admittance of KRÄMER PFERDESPORT I can offer this Art Postcard. 

3. Female Leguan Jacklin

Jacklin was portrayed by order of Sabine Spitzer, Austria, in the year 1999.

The feedback on this extraordinary leguan portrait was very good and lead to a follow-up order for another female leguan.

Some friends of Mrs. Spitzer asked for copies of this portrait, e.g. on t-shirts.

This Art Postcard is a must for all leguan lovers.

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4. Male Golden Retriever Chess

Chess was portrayed by order of Nicola Föll, Germany in the year 2000.

It is one of the most detailled portraits I ever made, for which I had a very good professional photo as a pattern.

A small artwork for all dog fans.

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5. Tigered housecat with chair

This portrait was made in the year 2000 and is for sale as original in the Shop.

It's the back light what makes the difference with this portrait.

A small artword for all cat fans.

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The Art Postcards are printed on high quality picture postcard cardboard, standard back page with short description in black.

Every customer receives a complimentary set of these art postcards with his portrait.

The prices are equated by quantity of order and are plus delivery charge (depending on delivery country):
by orders of Price (per piece)
1 pc. 1,00 € (1,00 €)
5 pcs. of one motiv 4,50 € (0,90 €)
10 pcs. of one motiv 8,50 € (0,85 €)
1 set (1 pc. of every motiv)  4,50 € (0,90 €)
5 sets (5x5 = 25 cards) 20,00 € (0,80 €)

Other quantities on request.

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Wuppertal, 19th February, 2009